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I want to add an auto sum but I only want the sum column to enter amounts when a specific column has a dollar amount in it.


So, if column A is $524.00 and column B is $0.00, I don't want anything in column C until column B is over $0.00.

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Please clarify, you want to sum column (which one) if only  A and B are greater than zero in the row, or you'd like A1+B1 in C1 if both A1>0 and B1>0?


Yes, I only want a sum in Column C if both A1>0 and B1>0?




You can use IF function in addition to OR function to get that done.

So, try this formula in cell C1:



You can translate the above formula as follows:

If whether cell A1 or Cell B1 is less than or equal to 0, then show nothing, otherwise apply the SUM.


Hope that helps


It could be