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I have columns that have returned a value based on formulas. However, I can't sum the column - Excel returns a zero. Is there a workaround?

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Depends on what formulas return. If texts, SUM ignores them. If texts which looks like numbers, you may converts them to numbers modifying formulas a bit.


Without a file, knowing the Excel version, operating system and storage medium can only be guessed at. I'm not here to guess, but I'll try anyway.

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One possibility is that the numbers are text.

Second assumption it is due to the circular reference.

Iteration might be off. As I said, everything without grant.


Finally, here is a link with information on how you can get a quick and precise solution proposal.

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@NikolinoDE I uploaded the file into Google sheets because I don't see where to include the file. I am trying to sum the columns J forward.


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@Sergei Baklan - darn, try again please.


Thank you, it works now. Not sure what you'd like to sum, but here 


you have texts, not numbers. Perhaps formula shall be

instead of
=IF($R3="Dues - Land","$200",IF($R3="Dues - PT Residential","$300",IF($R3="Dues - FT Residential","$400","")))

=IF($R3="Dues - Land",200,IF($R3="Dues - PT Residential",300,IF($R3="Dues - FT Residential",400,"")))

and result formatted as currency.

Thank you - I am trying to sum columns t forward for what was received.