Sum of group of cells Divided by Sum of another group of cells

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I am trying to divide the sum of a group of cells by the sum of another group of cells. 

I need to add cells AJY-AKD in row 9 and then divide that number by the sum of cells AJY-AKD in row 17. 



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maybe =SUM(AJY9:AKD9)/SUM(AJY17:AKD17)
and you could add that IFERROR like you did in the example:

I forgot to mention that the data is being pulled from another workbook entirely. I think I was finally able to figure out the formula. I will post it in case it helps anyone else out! @mtarler 


=SUM('[Workbook Name.xlsx]Sheet1'!$AJY$9:$AKD$9)/SUM('[Workbook Name.xlsx]Sheet1'!$AJY$17:$AKD$17)