sum function not adding properly. Returning 0.00 instead of total

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I am using a simple sum function to add a column of numbers. For some reason, I am getting a total of 0.00 instead of the sum of the numbers. I have been using the function for years and it is properly configured. Any ideas?

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Could the values you're summing be text values that look like numbers?

What happens if you change =SUM(range) to =SUM(--range) ?

@hones720 The "numbers" are probably texts. Check by entering the formula =ISNUMBER(......) somewhere. Reference a cell from your list between the brackets. If the answer is FALSE, you know that it's a text.

Thanks but it didn't work.
Tried it. Answer is TRUE

@hones720 Can you share the file? Or a screen shot to begin with?

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I found the problem. There was an error in a cell from a different page that caused the sum function not to work. I fixed that error and all is fine. Thanks so much for your help!