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Hey Everyone! So Im working on a budget for myself in excell and have a table with all my expenses, I want to try and find the totals of specific items in my budget, for example i have categories of spending like transportation, takeout, groceries, etc. but i have to wait until the end of each month to add up the totals for each specific reason of purchase because the way i have my table set up is in order of date, and i dont want to have to rearrange it alphabetical for reason of purchase and re sum each thing up with new purchases every time.


is there anyway to have the sum function find specific words in columns and add up those totals? instead of cell numbers? my cell numbers change around and aren't all in alphabetical order all the time since im constantly adding new purchases


Thanks yal!

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Let's say expenses are in D2:D100 and the corresponding categories in E2:E100.


Option 1:

Enter a category in - say - M2.

The total for that category is

=SUMIFS($E$2:$E$100, $D$2:$D$100, M2)

This can be filled down if you have more categories in M3 etc.


Option 2:

Create a pivot table based on the data.

Add the Category field to the Rows area and the Expenses field to the Values area.