SUM formula refusing to give me a total

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I have a spreadsheet where a section in a particular column just will not total up.  I have a section above in the same column that totals fine but this one is just not playing ball.   I can't insert a screenshot as the section is too large but its just a simple formula of =SUM(D65:D142) further up in the same column I have a cell that is giving me the total fine for =SUM(D31:D59) and then one above that too which is fine, it just seems that this particular section isn't working, I have checked the number format which is same as above.  

Is there anyway I can do a reset of the cells in this section with the hope I can set it up again and it will work?

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@tbland310 Perhaps the numbers in that particular range are texts. You can verify that by entering e.g. =ISNUMBER(D65) in an empty cell. What do you get?


@tbland310 Can you screenshot that? Make sure that the formula bar is included in the picture.




It's D143 and is now also affecting D145


@tbland310 I meant a screenshot of the =ISNUMBER formula that returns #NAME?


Try =ISNUMBER(D125) as cell D125 has something in it.