Sum column by dragging

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Why isn't the SUM function working as it used to? I used to put in the sum function  then put in the first parenthesis, scroll to the first cell I wanted to add (usually the one just above my total) and then highlight the entire column. How do I do that now??? It's not working. Help please.

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It should still work. If you want to sum the cells immediately above the active cell, you can also press Alt+=

It should work.
It would be helpful in analysing if you share a screenshot of what issue you are facing.
Hi, it looks like if I highlight the first cell, then put in the colon : and drag up, I'm okay. It doesn't work if I just drag as I used to, but until now I was using a very old version of Excel.


Let say you want sum from A1 to A10,

Then Sum(A1:A10) will work. You can just write SUM( and drag from A1 to A10. It will work.