Sum by Month

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I am trying Sum by month but no luck. Please see my attached excel data. The first tab has datewise data and 2nd tab is for monthly sum calculations.





Can you please help me with ... put the formula in my attached file. Thanks much!


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PivotTable for such aggregations is better, but as variant you may use




@Sergei Baklan 


Thank you for your quick help!. Can you please attach a solution excel sheet.


It is attached to my previous post, please check at bottom.

@Sergei Baklan . Thanks. How can i do the Sum by Month and Year? For example if there is data for multiple year and i need data for particular year what i need to do?


In general it's better to use PivotTable with grouping dates on months and years. 

You may use SUMPRODUCT or SUMIFS as well with MONTH() and YEAR() inside to filter periods. 


It depends on your source data structuring and in which form you'd like to have the result.