Sum and Add not returning correct cents

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Hi. I'm trying to sum a set of cells. It's obvious that the sum should be $.74 and sum is returning $.73. I've tried to add the individual cells and it is still returning $.73. Any ideas about where I should check for the issue? TIA.

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@AngeLeaRose Could it be that the numbers you see are in fact rounded? For instance, if two cells contain 1.5 and 1.5 and you have formatted them to display with zero decimals, you will see 2 and 2, but the SUM will be 3.



Could the actual numbers have more decimals than are being displayed?

For example, if A1 contains 0.407 and B1 contains 0.326, you'll see 0.41 and 0.33 when you display them as number with 2 decimal places.

The sum is 0.407+0.326 = 0.733. This will be displayed as 0.73.

You can check this by temporarily changing the number format of the source cells and of the sum to General.