Suggestions on how to remove duplicate user id/passwords/notes from different sources?

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Hello. I have many outdated userids and passwords saved in a third party application called Bitwarden. I use this as a backup to Google Chrome. Both Google Chrome and Bitwarden all import and export passwords in .csv format.


Unfortunately, there's no built-in functionality in Bitwarden to remove duplicate userid/pw/notes combinations. Google doesn't have a feature to add notes to my userid/pw.

What I mean by *notes* is a separate custom field where you can add information whatever you want such as answers to your security questions like what is your favorite colour.

I'm really a noob when it comes to Excel (I mostly use Google sheets or Excel via Microsoft One Drive). What I was thinking is if I can create a spreadsheet and insert two different .csv files. One from Bitwarden and the other from Chrome.

Then somehow sort and filter out the duplicate userid/pws while giving priority to Bitwarden for just the notes but give Chrome priority for everything else like userid/pw and websites. I would then save that file as a .csv. Wipe out my Bitwarden passwords and import the csv with updated content.


Just to add. The Bitwarden file is what I need to be updated, it contains many more fields. The Chrome CSV file is rather basic. I'm attaching pics here. 






The image link is here if the above doesn't show up well:


Does anyone have any suggestions and examples how I can accomplish the above?
Much thanks!

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If you have access to the UNIQUE function--requires the most recent version of Excel--you could use it to produce a list of the unique combos of userID and pw. Just combine the files from both of your current lists and get those unique combos.... then update that further, with your notes, and then export.


However, what I'd really recommend is getting a package like 1Password and going through both of your files patiently and entering the new data into 1Password (or whatever). Then they'd be safe and secure and accessible to you on any and all of your devices.


I used to have a homegrown system myself ... begun back in the days of the Palm Pilot (do you remember those?) -- but now rely on 1Password. It took a while to transfer all the data over, manually as I recall.......but well worth it.


Hi. Thank you for replying. Do you know if the UNIQUE function works with Office 2019 or the free Excel version via One Drive and your Outlook account? If yes, can you please elaborate on how to accomplish what you mean? As I mentioned I'm a noob and I wouldn't know how to combine the two files. I'll need detailed instructions on how to do that and how to use or create a formula using the UNIQUE function.

I have 1Password (the free version) and Roboform. It's just too time-consuming to go through 900+ passwords. That;'s why I am looking to automate the process. I hope to hear back from you.



I'm going to refer you to two different web sites to learn UNIQUE. I do see that 1Password (full version; I can't speak to the free, whether this applies or not) DOES allow you to import CSV files. You could export from Excel, once cleaned up, as a CSV.


Here's a good reference for all things Excel:


Here's a good video introduction to UNIQUE and a few others. This may be beyond your skill level, but try to stick with it. The truth is that UNIQUE in particular is quite easy.


When I talked of combining, I was simply pictuing copying from one (the smaller) into the other, larger. Make sure the columns are aligned in the same way.


(If we were sitting down face-to-face, I'd be happy to give more detailed instructions based on where you are in your own understanding, but that's next to impossible over once-a-day message board exchanges. So if you need more, see if you can find a friend who knows a bit more about Excel. This is not rocket science. The best thing for your own learning is to work through it. Make back-up copies first so you don't break something and not have a recovery plan.)

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@mathetes Hi. Thanks for replying. I took a look at those sites with the UNIQUE Function. It's good for extracting data.


From what my little brain can determine. I would need to copy the userid and pws from Chrome into the appropriate fields of Bitwarden's (BW) template. Chrome has the most current info. Unfortunately, Chrome does not have most of the fields BW has.


I would then need to sort everything in Excel by website and then somehow have Excel remove the older passwords plus the duplicate cells while preserving the notes field. Once that is done, save the CSV file and import into BW.


I choose not to use 1Password because the free version is limited, but it's good to store a backup once things are current.


Sadly, I lack the skill level to accomplish what I need to do, I also don't have the aptitude beyond basic sorting within Excel. I wish I could dissect or structure what I need to be done like a programmer could. Unfortunately, my mind just doesn't work that way.


The workaround I will do is create another folder within BW and import my Chrome userid and pws into that. When I come to a website that needs my credentials, I will be prompted with multiple userid and pw options until such time BW or another password manager has duplicate removal features added. I will continue to update my Chrome pws and then delete the special folder in BW and import my Chrome pws there, rinse and repeat. So much for merging.


As such, I think I have no choice but to give up trying to clean things up. 


Thank you  for your insight. Take care and stay safe.