Suggestion: Add FV to CUMPRINC


I tried to calculate the sum of a loan principle for few periods of time.

The CUMPRINC function does not have a FV argument and there for only takes in considaration a loan that is repaid in installments.

If you will add a FV to the function it would take in considaration the repayment at the end of total period, and sum the loan discount for the desired period.
Thank you!


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First, this is a peer-to-peer forum.  I do not believe that MSFT employees (especially designers) monitor the forum.  The best way to make such requests is to use the Feedback feature of Excel.  There is also a Feedback "portal" (website), IIRC.  I do not remember the URL, off-hand.


(IMHO, such requests are a waste of time.  MSFT does not listen to its customers.  And I am sure it has heard this particular request many times over the past several decades (!).)


Second, in the meantime (LOL), you can use Excel FV to calculate the cumulative principal for loans (leases) that have a non-zero final balance.  The equivalent to

CUMPRINC(rate, nper, pv, startPer, endPer, type) is:


FV(rate, startPer-1, pmt, pv, type) - FV(rate, endPer, pmt, pv, type)


where pmt is PMT(rate, nper, pv, fv, type).  Be sure that pmt and pv have opposite signs, and the sign of fv should be same as pmt.


BTW, CUMPRINC returns incorrect results for type=1.  So the FV expression above is more reliable for leases, which are typically "payment in advance".