Subtracting data in <day> <hour>:<minute>:<second>

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I need to be able to subtract date in the following format <day> <hour>:<minute>:<second>


Customer placed order datetimePlaced order with restaurant datetime
01 02:52:1201 03:00:25
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Excel Formula: Calculate Days Hours Minutes seconds between Two Dates

=INT(C3-B3)&" days "&TEXT(C3-B3,"h"" hrs ""m"" mins ""s"" secs""")


Calculate the difference between two times




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Dear @Kristy_Zim 


It is a little tricky to understand what you are after exactly.


However, if I assume that:


  • The month and year of the data is not relevant (it can be any month or year)
  • You wish to subtract "Customer placed order datetime" FROM "Placed order with restaurant datetime", so that you can achieve the goal:
  • "Determine how long after the customer placed the order the order was placed with the restaurant", while
  • Display the result in the same format as the input data (dd HH:mm:ss)

Then you can use something like this:


=TEXT(VALUE("2022-01-"&B2)-VALUE("2022-01-"&A2),"dd HH:mm:ss")







Yes, that's what I was looking for. Thank you very much for your help!!

Hi again,

I am trying to find the average of these travel time but excel isn't able to recognize it . Do I need to change the format ?
00 00:11:10
00 00:24:55
00 00:28:31
00 00:24:30
00 00:31:32
00 00:10:22
00 00:27:05
00 00:48:49
00 00:16:53
00 00:47:12


If all times are within one date you may separate the column using Data->Text to Columns with space as delimiter. Or convert it to datetime by formula as previously discussed.