Subtract days in the past, from today, to show a past due message.

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The expiry warning is todays date against the date in column E.


I need a message to populate in column F with one of the three options.

"Past due"

"Due in less than 10 days"

"More than 10 days"

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In F2:


=IF(E2="","",IF(E2<TODAY(),"Past due",IF(E2<TODAY()+10,"Due in less than 10 days","Due in 10 days or more")))


Fill down.

Hans, you are so smart with excel functions, I am learning good things from the formula help. Thanks for taking your time to help me with something I was not able to discover on my own.

You can apply the below formula in column F
=IF((G2-E2)>0,"Past Due",IF((G2-E2)>-10,"Due in less than 10 days","More than 10 days"))
Hope this will help you.