Subtotals or Vlookups or Both.

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Hi All 

I would be grateful if someone could help me to find a solution 

 am working on a sheet, such as 

201902Jane DoeCakes 1.00
201806Jane DoeCakes 1.00

and I have applied a filter for the Narrative column "cakes". 


So after this,  I need to show the count total for the Period column eg "201902" 


I'm trying to achieve something like this at the end.




I don't want to be counting multiple 201806's and getting the total of them wrong.













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Hi @Kwesi_Quartey , are you trying to list the unique count as per Narrative ? share the sample workbook with your desired output

@Faraz Shaikh 


Yes, I am. I have added an attachment.  







Hi @Kwesi_Quartey, still I'm not clear with the output value. I didn't get that, could you please rephrase it again 

@Faraz Shaikh 


I want to be able to count all the "201806" in the period column and to display the total amount of "201806" in the total column. after I have applied the filter from the other main table.



Hi @Kwesi_Quartey 


Simple solution is to make the PivotTable for your data, kindly see the attached file 



Regards, Faraz Shaikh

@Faraz Shaikh 


lol thanks, I guess I was thinking too much 

Glad to hear your query is resolved

Regards, Faraz Shaikh | MCT, MIE, MOS Master, Excel Expert |