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Can I SUMIF from different sheets using one or more criteria. Not do SUMIF(sheet1, "word", sheet 1) +SUMIF(sheet 2, "word", sheet 2) and not with indirect. But instead do SUMIF(sheet 1 + sheet 2 + sheet 3, "word", sheet 1 + sheet 2 + sheet 3)
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Sum over several worksheets Example:

You have a workbook with twelve worksheets - one for each month.

You now want to add up certain cells for all months on an annual table. How to proceed:

1. On the year sheet, select the cell in which the sum of all months should appear.

2. Then click the "AutoSum" button shown in the following figure in the standard toolbar.

3. Then switch to the sheet for the first month via the table tab.

There press the Shift key and mark the cell that is to be added from all tables.

4. Hold down the Shift key and click on the worksheet for the last month that you want to include in your addition.

5. Now release the Shift key and enter the Enter key.

In your annual table you will find the total of all amounts for the individual months, which are in the position you marked in your first sheet.

Formula: = sum (startsheet! A1: endsheet! A1)



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Not exactly such way, but possible. The pattern is here 3D SUMIF for multiple worksheets