subject in mailto hyperlink formula ignoring characters after & in cell

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I am hoping someone can help with the below formula. I have it working, however when cell F contains an "&" in the text the email subject cuts off from this point and does not pull in the full sentence. SO for instance row 7 Column F pulls in "R9.6 UDMK-953 (D" to the email. Row 6 Column F pulls in the whole sentence.


=HYPERLINK(mailto:&Sheet2!$J$2&"""?subject="&$E$1&" "&$A6&" "&$F6&"","Send Email")




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How to send email from Excel with mailto hyperlink function?

Added file with example.

=HYPERLINK("mailto:"&sheet2!$J$2&"?Subject="&$E$1&""&$A6&" "&$F6&");""SendEMail")

Please note that it is limited to 255 characters.


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Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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