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I have a sortable spreadsheet that has columns for department, service line, secondary service line, etc. I need to have sub labels under service line so I can list sub categories of service lines. How do I create this in a table that can be sorted/filtered, etc.?

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It depends a bit on the overall design, but based on your description, my own inclination would be to add a column that showed service line sub-categories. That's assuming that ServLine SubCatB was distinctively different on many of the other attributes in other columns from ServLine SubCatC.

Is it possible for you to share a copy of the actual spreadsheet, so long as it doesn't contain confidential or proprietary data?



I have attached an example with all confidential data removed. Thank you.


Not quite: you forgot the other sheets in the workbook. You should take this sample down immediately. If you don't, a forum administrator will, but whatever, it should be done quickly.


Since I've already looked at it, I do have some questions. A lot of the examples you give of sub-categories are identical to the category next to them... 

Do you have the most current release of Excel? If so, I'm wondering if you could use the new functions FILTER and SORT, which operate as Dynamic Array functions. Here's a video that I used to learn about them. It's what I'd try if I were in your shoes.

It might be necessary to fill in all of the columns; you've made the mistake (if you'll forgive me for saying it that way) of making your sheet look aesthetically pleasing--it's quite nice--before developing the functionality you seek. That generally is a mistake. The INPUT or raw data end of things isn't necessarily where looks should matter; save that for the output end, after you've FILTERed and SORTed. And Input and Output often work better as separate sheets. Watch the video.



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Thank you this is very helpful. The duplicates are intentional but you are very correct ,I put in data based on how I want it to look first. I will remember this and make sure to always input data first and make sure it functions before looking at the aesthetics.