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Hello Excel Gurus,

I have taken on a course as an instructor with the following late work policy:

Late Work Policy

Over the course of the semester, you will be afforded 72 hours of “grace time” on your submitted assignments. You can choose to use this all on a single assignment, or spread it out over the course of the semester. If you run out of grace time, the following guidelines apply:

Any assignments received after the deadline will be assessed a late penalty of 10%.

An additional 10% penalty will be assessed for each additional day the assignment is late. If an assignment is more than 10 days late, you cannot submit the assignment for credit.


How would I set up an Excel spreadsheet for columns and calculations to keep track of the 1. due date, 2. the date the assignment was submitted late, 3. the assignment score w/o penalty 4. the penalty score based on number of days submitted late (10%) score, 4. the balance left of the grace period hours. TIA