strugling with a nested formula

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I am trying to create an auto error message to flag up an incomplete entry. The formula I've written seems logical to me but  Excel wont accept it and gives me an error message.


=IF(OR(Part1!B5>0,Part1!J19>0,Part1!B6>0)),IF(AND(Part1!B5>0,Part1!J19>0,Part1!B6>0)),Part1!B5,"ERROR"," "


if anyone could point out my error id be grateful.

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Nested IF looks like

=IF(Cond1, IF(Cond2, A, B), C)

Your formula is

=IF(Cond1), IF(Cond2), A, B, C

Other words, that's not a formula at all.


Perhaps, this formula returns your desired result:

As I understood the logic is

if <at least one entered> then
   if <all entered> then B5
   else "ERROR"
else <empty string>

which is directly translated into nested IF


Thanks Sergei I re wrote it as you said and its working 


=IF(OR(Part1!B5>0,Part1!J19>0,Part1!B6>0),IF(AND(Part1!B5>0,Part1!J19>0,Part1!B6>0),Part1!B5,"ERROR")," ")


I'll try to remember to this in future 

You are welcome, glad to help. In general it's always better to start not from formula but from formulating the logic in plain language. If only you didn't do the similar few dozens of times.

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