Stretch print area to fill printed sheet

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I have a large spreadsheet form with hidden columns and rows that we use to manually write bill payments to manage our home expenses.  How can I stretch the scaled form print area to fill the printed page and to maximize the column widths for the year I need to print.  The scaling was used to maximize the rows but left me with 2 extra columns I wish not to print and use to expand the columns.

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If I understand what you're saying accurately, you can accomplish stretching the print area in the "Page Setup" dialog box, accessed under the File menu. "File"...."File Setup"   It looks like this. Just adjust the 100% normal size variable until it does what you want it to.



Thanks, John. I tried to compose and send a good response but lost it due to timeouts. Overall, I lack the "Page Setup" selection under "File" in Excel. When I scale to maximize the vertical, I still displayed 2 columns that I wanted to stretch out of my print to gain greater column size for the remaining columns in my print selections. My solution was eventually to manually move the columns each separately to accomplish the desired effect. Again, I really appreciate your response.