Strange text box appeared on all worksheets, and always shows most recent typed data

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An Excel file that I have used and updated for 5+ years, all of a sudden has this strange box, that I can not click on, but always shows the most recent typed data in it.  It is across all my worksheets in this book (11 tabs), and I can not figure what I did to create it.   I have tried to click, it and cannot.  See around cell K17 the "11/01/2021" it is there because I typed in the 11/1 in cell F3. 


If I open a separate sheet, there is that same date, but now column F


This is driving me crazy, I keeps getting in my way, as if I filter, it stays in that same spot, but the columns are changed.  It shrinks the data to fit in the cell, and looks like a jumbled mess.


Any suggestions!  Except to recreate the file?


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I had the same thing happen to me today. I have had this spreadsheet for years.  The phantom box shows on each worksheet in the spreadsheet showing the last information entered. I agree it is very hard to work around.  I did do a recent Windows upgrade.