Stop one local query from being updated in a global refresh

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Hello everyone,
I am creating a Business Intelligence tool on Excel based solely on information acquired via API (thanks to the Query Editor). It is done this way in order to be able to constantly refresh the data acquired via Excel.
The problem is that an external .csv file has also been used once to import some data but this data should not be refreshed. Is there a way to disable the refresh of this .csv data when I try to do a total refresh of the imported data? This is a problem because when my client tries to refresh the data, Excel does not want to and asks to provide the .csv file that has been used once first.
Thanks a lot for the help & have a great day,
EDIT : I'll reformulate my problem : If I use data from a .csv file in the query editor and merge it with data from API sources, is there any way to prevent Excel from trying to find the .csv file when refreshing the API data?
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@Thomas_-BA For each of the queries you can set the Refresh Controls under Query Properties.

Screenshot 2021-09-17 at 11.46.22.png

But why not transform the one-time output of the query to the CSV file into a static table?

Thank you for your help, I'll try that now.

Indeed, I think it would have been more convenient the use this method. I am used to composing projects on PowerBi and composing all my queries from the query editor. I had to switch to Excel for this project and I noticed the same query editor, so I wanted to compose all my data from there.

So I imported my csv file into that editor so that I could merge the data included in that file with some of the data acquired with API. It's getting hard to backtrack now without having to add several days of development.


EDIT : I think I may be in a bad situation because of that, I tried to refresh again and run into the same error because of the merging : "[DataSource.Error] Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\***\Desktop\all.csv' "


Query won't be refreshed, but you can't remove data source at all if you have dependant queries.