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I'm trying to use STOCKHISTORY function in excel, but I'm always getting #BLOCKED error.

I'm not really sure what is the cause of this error.

I'm only using the free online Excel version. Perhaps I need to upgrade to Premium to have this function?



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Interesting. I repeated it, the same error


Have no idea what it means under "License required", this function works on my desktop installation (beta channel). Will try to investigate more.

@Sergei Baklan 


But STOCKHISTORY works on my MacBook Air, simple subscription to Microsoft 365......hmmm


Yes, it works on desktop application, but appeared only recently for Excel Online and I'm not sure what the is the problem here.

@Lau11My understanding is that the function is only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers, and on beta channel. I signed up as MS Insider and have been using/testing it for a week now.


@doktorj , it's available in Excel Online, but doesn't work properly (so far).

@Sergei Baklan thanks for this information. I am a microsoft 365 subscriber but only have access to online 365. Up until a few days okay the stockhistory function did not appear on my excel online. It did today but then I get the blocked messsage when trying to retrieve stock data. Anyone from Microsoft that can support with this?


Using office 365 ProPlus excel, stockhistory when entered shows #BLOCKED! error, not sure why - my license is running on other computers, our license allows for each person to lost office on 5 devices.   This is a business account - works on 1 of my laptop(1) and not on my other laptop(2).

Note: laptop(1) - windows 10 

laptop(2) - windows 7 Professional 


Any help is appreciated - thanks.