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Newly IPO stock symbol Unity Software Inc. (XNYS:U) is not found or listed in Excel  stock import tool.  This one of the most heavily traded stock on the NYSE and it's not available to be imported into Excel via the stock import tool that is built-in the latest Excel version.


Can someone help or update?  Not sure what Excel use as a data source, but it's not up to date with the current market.


Screenshot 2020-09-22 070412.jpg

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@Sergei Baklan


Have you had this problem?


I don't have it as well, but I don't think company which starts trading one day ago will appear in this service right now. IMHO, all data are with some gap here.

@Sergei Baklan 


Thanks, I will continue to try.  


Still not available, but at least one other that was about the same time frame (SNOW - Snowflake) is available. It's been plenty long enough it seems like it has been overlooked somehow. Or they have an issue because they already have a symbol U being pushed down. It's a little on the frustrating side at this point. (SNOW was available at IPO too.)


Nope, it's here


@Sergei Baklan 
Finally. It wasn't there on Thursday, but sure enough showed up on Friday. 

Can anyone select Bumble or is it just me?

Hi, I'm having a similar issue with Inc. ( TSX Venture). It started trading in early Feb 2021, but is not yet available in excel as of Mar 15, 2021. Please help. Thanks.

@SCDaaS  ..I cannot select Bumble either.  I'm trying to add ChargePoint but n/a.  Does anyone know the typical delay in days/weeks for stocks to show?

@James2021 ... I currently have 3 symbols that are not found using Stocks in Excel (XTSE:ENS, XNAS:GHVI, XTSE:BTCC.B).  I know that the data is available from Refinitiv (I believe the underlying data source), but the problem seems to be with Bing?