Stock and Geography data types disappear from the Data ribbon in Excel for MAC

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Well, is this issue ever going to be fixed? The data types have disappeared completely from Excel on my MAC and from what I see online many other Macs. My Windows PC is fine, but I use both platforms and have seen a few discussions about this matter.


Mt data types started disappearing about 6 weeks ago.  At first, I could restart Excel and they would be back.  Then had to restart Mac and Excel, tried many of the other “fixes” I found online but nothing works.  Have even re-installed Microsoft Office a few times.


Under the Data ribbon on my Excel the Data types Icon/button selections are gone, they were located between the "Refresh All" and "Sort" parts of the ribbon.



How data ribbon looks now



Thank you in advance for your consideration


My tech specs for this post:

Microsoft 365 Subscription

Microsoft Excel for MAC Version 16.68 (22121100)

MacBook Pro 14 inch, 2021

Chip Apple M1 Pro

Memory 16 GB

macOS Ventura Version 13.1

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