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Office 365 - status bar does not show. I right click and get the options under "Customize Status Bar" pop-up. I don't have anything in Options -> Advance -> Display - no show status bar. I check and uncheck everything on the Customize Status Bar pop up. There's no count, no sum, nothing showing at bottom. Yes I have checked it all off. I have selected and unselected sum, count, etc. I've tried unchecking and checking it all.

I've tried to macro suggestion - didn't work. I've tried the formatting as number option. Blank workbook. Reinstalled. Patched. 


If I enter in random letters and numbers it then shows up (count). So I can not select empty cells to count? There has to be data in it? I want to count empty cells!

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All those options are only displayed if you have selected multiple cells of which at least two are not empty.

@Hans Vogelaar - it only counts cells that have something in them. It will not count empty cells at all even if I select 1 empty and 4 or more cells with text/numbers. I will only get a count of the cells with an entry. I need to create coloured patterns in excel, they don't have text in them. I need to count cells that have a fill colour. Instead now I have to select every cell in the sheet, put a 0 in it, and make the text white. I wish I could just select empty cells and have them count at the bottom.

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I'm sorry for you, but the status bar simply doesn't work that way. It counts only filled cells, not selected cells.