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new it statistics and I cant figure out give these numbers how to categorize them and put them in a histogram.  I have done the numbers but cant figure it out.

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@sherma4 To get a histogram you need to have bins. But those bins depend on the data. For example your numbers could be 0 - 100 and want 10 bins evenly distributed 10, 20, 30, 40, ... but then again those numbers might be grades and you want bins to represent grades like 60, 70, 80, .... or they might be very skewed and have an average and most points around 20 with 1 outlier around 100 and want bins focused around the average.
Once you have the bins then you can either use the Histogram tool in the Data Analysis toolpack or some simple formulas like =COUNTIFS(A:A,">="&E2,A:A,"<"&E3)
assuming the bins are in column E and you will need to tweak the last to only be > as I give the attached example.  If you need to do this a lot you can get more clever with the formulas to make it easier but with the limited info you gave I don't even know if this is the right direction.