Statement of Accounts for scanning, printing and storing data.

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Dear Sir/Ma'am,


My work is to scan and print the Statement of Accounts for identification purposes and at the same time, storing the data accomplished for future reference. Data for PDF and XLSX.


My question is, does Excel has an application to do all abovementioned jobs in one processing as the volume to be processed is overwhelming.


Hoping for your immediate response, please.

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It's two days later; you've had over 50 views of your query; it's not looking like you're getting that immediate response you desired. The problem? It's not at all clear what you are working with. 


  • What is the source data?
  • What do you mean by "scan"? 
  • What do you mean by "scan and print" if it's actually one step instead of two? 
  • If it's not one step, what do you expect to print? Exactly what was scanned, or some variation after it's been processed through something or other?

I could go on, but I trust you see the issue. It may be--I hope it is--entirely clear in your own mind what you're requesting, but you've made a LOT of assumptions about terminology and process and yet are requesting what would have to be very precise.


So if you're still looking for help, help us help you by being a LOT more descriptive of the situation, the data involved, the process you're visualizing, the results expected....