Start a new line of text inside a cell in Excel

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I'm trying to start a new line of text inside a cell in Excel.

I've always done this by simply pressing alt + enter.

But now it's jumping to the cell below (instead of a new line within the cell).

Can anyone please tell me what happened, and how I can fix this?

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You have to stay in the line after the text with the courser flashing, only then press Alt + Enter.


In this way you can create a line wrap several times in the same cell.


Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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Thanks, but the cursor is flashing, I press alt + enter, and it Still Jumps To the Cell Below.
Is there a setting for Excell that addresses this?


To my knowledge there is no such setting. Please check Alt+Enter Stopped Working Correctly (Microsoft Excel) ( if helps.

Thank you Sergei. He says first to make sure that Wrapping is turned on.
Please tell me how to turn on wrapping?

@Sergei Baklan 

As far as I could understand the text, it is mostly due to the language selection,

but with my Excel 2016 where I tried it, it works without problems,

just has to be in the cells and it always works.

It's weird, even though I keep changing the language selection.

Will probably be like that when it was tried out by excel specialists ... luckily not with my excel :)).


I checked and my Excel is set for Text Wrapping - but the problem persists.
Can anyone out there please help???


As already described above by Mr. @Sergei Baklan, Alt + Enter Stopped Working Correctly, you can see the link in his post.

That it works for me doesn't mean that it works for someone else too, read the article.


Thank you for your understanding

I did read the article. AND I checked out everything Mr. Wyatt suggested in his article. The problem persists. Can anyone please help?
Just give it a try, out of pure curiosity, please send a file with me (can also be empty and without sensitive data, please).
I would like to see whether the line break works for me with ALT + Enter or not.
Sure. Good idea. How would you like me to send it to yoy, email? Please lmk your address.



Drag and drop here or browse files to attach


Strange, it works for me without any problems ... just click behind the existing text,

coursor flashes and Alt + Enter,

new text entered and just enter

and the line break appears with the new text added.

As Mr. Baklan already informed us with his link, there is a temporal bug in this command.

Try manual cell wrapping by clicking on all cells to wrap in advance, or the alternative method Right-click the cell whose text you want to break, then click Format Cells.

On the Alignment tab, select the Word wrap check box and click OK.


Unfortunately, I can't help in any other way at the moment.


Nevertheless, I wish you a lot of fun with Excel.

Thanks. I appreciate you trying. I'm going to try a different keyboard. Perhaps that might be the problem?
Thanks again!
BINGO!!! I switched to a different keyboard, and Ctrl + Enter works fine.
So it seems that the problem was with my original keyboard.
Thank you Nikolino and Sergei for all your help!


You are welcome, but that's thanks to Allen Wyatt: "You might also want to try a different keyboard with your system." I guess he covered all possible reasons.