Standard spacing in an Excel cell

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Hi there,


A quick query, I am working in excel and I need to know how to add a standard spacing to within a cell. I only want to add 5 spaces to the start of a cell, so that any text is offset a little. THe indentation button provides an indentation however how do you change the size of this? Can it be customised?

Perhaps there is a better way?




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Select the cell or cells.

On the Home tab of the ribbon, click the arrow in the lower right corner of the Alignment group.

Set the Indent to 4 or 5 - you'll have to experiment what works best for you. It also depends on the font that you use.


Thank You! @Hans Vogelaar 

My problem is excel indents about 4 characters with each click, far too many. How can that be reduced?


Do you mean that setting Indent to 1 indents 4 characters? That's not how it should work. Which font are you using?