Staff roster from table to a list

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Hi everyone,


I have the below Staff roster 



Tha date at top row, the names on the first caulome, in the table the shifts for each staff member.


I need to make this table as a list all in caulomes:


Staff Name - Date - Shift


this is so I can take itto power BI


is there a way to do this automated ? a formela or a power quri ?

or can I do this in power BI??


thank you


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Hi @Inawab770 

If the following example reflects what you expect you can get this from PowerBI (it includes Power Query)



If you need a Power BI working example please share a roaster workbook with i.e OneDrive, Google Drive... and post the link here

Hi @L z.

Thank you very much for your help, you can find google drive link below

once again thank you for your help

Hi @Inawab770 




PowerBI Query code:

    Source = Excel.Workbook(
        File.Contents("D:\Lorenzo\Downloads\Staff Roster.xlsx"),
        null, true
    SheetOne = Source{[Item="Sheet1", Kind="Sheet"]}[Data],
    PromotedHeaders = Table.PromoteHeaders(SheetOne, [PromoteAllScalars=true]),
    ColumnNames = Table.ColumnNames(PromotedHeaders),
    RequiredColumns = Table.SelectColumns(PromotedHeaders,
        List.FirstN(ColumnNames, List.PositionOf(ColumnNames, "CITY"))
    UnpivotedOtherColumns = Table.UnpivotOtherColumns(RequiredColumns, {"Name"}, "Date", "Shift"),
    DatesAsNumbers = Table.TransformColumns(UnpivotedOtherColumns,
        {"Date", Number.From, Int64.Type}
    ChangedTypes = Table.TransformColumnTypes(DatesAsNumbers,
        {{"Name", type text}, {"Date", type date}, {"Shift", type text}}


NB: Update line File.Contents("D:\Lorenzo\Downloads\Staff Roster.xlsx") with your path to the file


Assumptions made:

- Roster is on sheet named Sheet1 as in the file you shared
- Column [Name] is always the 1st column as in the file you shared
- Column [CITY] is always the 1st column after the Date columns as in the file you shared

The position of the latter is used to determine the number of Date columns (not all months have 31 days)


Attached file is zipped as .pbix isn't allowed