Srtocks prices real time update in office 365 desktop


Hi Folks,

I want a real time update of stocks in excel if possible on desktop without a macro, If not please guide on the most effective macro. Please refer to the attached sheet


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So you want to save yourself doing a manual refresh ?


Depends what do you mean under real time.

In insiders version of Excel some settings for the refresh were added


My understanding that is refresh of data provider data, not sure how often data provider refreshes it. I guess ones per 15 min.

By real time i mean the actual prices of stocks, Not like they will gets updated after 5 minutes.
When the stock prices falls it should show me falled prices at the moment not after 5 minutes.
I thought of macros but if i refresh lets say every second trough macros it won't let me work on my workbook.
Hope you got my point
No That is something i hate to do, Thats why looking for an automation


Even if you find the way to update data card more often I don't think that helps. Microsoft doesn't take data directly from stock exchange, it takes it from data provider, Refinitiv. And Refinitiv collects data and provide it on data interface which Microsoft uses for Excel with some delay, I'm almost sure we speak about minutes. That's not the trading tool.

Thankoyu for your reply
But i was managing just the history, Was not thinking to trade on this
Noted the points mentioned by you