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I want to add weekends in my Gantt chart in sprint project tracker. How can I do that?

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Depends on how did you design and build Gant chart.

no. the template already has weekdays mentioned in it. i am unable to include all days in the chart.


So, it depends on how the template is designed, there are a lot of them.


@akansha07Not sure if this can happen natively but it is something that we handle pretty well in minware (link removed by moderator) (disclaimer - minware is a 3rd party Agile Intelligence provider). 


I'm not able to insert a screenshot but we actually weight and indicate nights and weekends right below your Gnatt chart. Let me know if you want to check it out. 

@dan-minware Thanks for your reply! As a heads-up, we don't allow third-party links on Tech Community, to keep the community free of spam and self-promotion, as per our code of conduct, so I've removed the link from your reply. 

Thanks - I am new and definitely want to stick within the community guidelines. Appreciate the heads up!