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It's been forever since I worked a sheet. I have successfully edited but I can't remember how to show the grid lines. Lines are dotted, not bold, and don't show in print preview. 

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Go in view and select it there I think in grid


To show gridlines in your Excel worksheet and ensure they are visible both on screen and in print, follow these steps:

Display Gridlines on the Screen

  1. Enable Gridlines:
    • Go to the View tab on the ribbon.
    • In the Show group, ensure the Gridlines checkbox is checked.

Print Gridlines

  1. Enable Gridlines for Printing:
    • Go to the Page Layout tab on the ribbon.
    • In the Sheet Options group, under Gridlines, check the Print checkbox.

Make Gridlines More Visible

If you want the gridlines to be more prominent (bold), you can apply borders to the cells:

  1. Select the Range:
    • Highlight the cells where you want to apply borders.
  2. Apply Borders:
    • Go to the Home tab on the ribbon.
    • In the Font group, click the Borders dropdown arrow (a small square with four smaller squares inside).
    • Choose the type of border you want to apply (e.g., All Borders, Outside Borders, etc.).
  3. Customize Borders (Optional):
    • For more customization, choose More Borders... from the Borders dropdown. This will open the Format Cells dialog box where you can specify the line style, color, and border placement.

Print Preview

To ensure the gridlines and borders appear as expected in the print preview:

  1. Print Preview:
    • Go to the File tab.
    • Click on Print.
    • In the print preview, you should see the gridlines and borders as they will appear on the printed document.

Example Steps

  1. Displaying Gridlines:
    • Ensure the gridlines are enabled by going to View > Show > Gridlines.
  2. Printing Gridlines:
    • Go to Page Layout > Sheet Options > Gridlines > Print.
  3. Applying Borders for Bold Lines:
    • Select the cells.
    • Go to Home > Font > Borders, and apply All Borders or use More Borders for customization.

Following these steps will help you display and print gridlines in Excel, making your spreadsheet more readable and ensuring that it appears correctly when printed. The text was created with the help of AI.


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Hope this will help you.

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