Splitting text from a cell

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Hi All,
I would like to separate the data in this cell - having the numeric value (with the letter class) in one column and the text (description) in another column. If I do a =LEFT(A2,9) I can extract the number and letter class, I am just a little stuck in getting the rest of the text into another column. Could I ask for a little help please.
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Here is an example - 111120a - (PRP) Oilseed (except Soybean) Farming

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@NBBingo1858 If you always want the 2nd column to contain everything except the first 9 characters use this:



Thanks for this. But I keep getting this error message



missing bracket. =RIGHT(A2),LEN(A2)-9) should be =RIGHT((A2),LEN(A2)-9) now it works. Many thanks for the formula though.

@NBBingo1858 Oooops. Actually, one bracket too many.