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I have this data :

Screenshot (5850).png


The result should come like this :

Screenshot (5851).png


So, what formula should i write ?


I am using Microsoft Office 2016


Please help..


Here is a attached file..


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Many roads lead to Rome and even more to a solution in Excel :).

...you can use

=MID(A2;2;3)  you can insert this formula in E2 and just pull it down with the mouse


=LEFT(A2; SEARCH(" ";A2;1)) you can insert this formula in D2 and just pull it down with the mouse.

See the file.


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This can be done with flashfill.

Enter manually "A", "A" in cells B2:B3 and then press ctrl+E.

Then enter manually "BC", "BC" in cells C2:C3 and then press ctrl+E.


This returns the result shown in attached file. If you want entries in 

cells C10:C14 just enter manually "DEC" in cell C10 and press ctrl+E.

I work with Excel 2013.