Split Window Scrolling not working

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As of today when I scroll with a split window it is scrolling my entire page instead of just the portion of the window I am on.


  • I split my excel sheet horizontally only (top/bottom half)
  • Click on a cell in the top half and scroll with my mouse wheel (up/down) and the bottom window also scrolls
  • Click on a cell in the bottom half and scroll with my mouse wheel (up/down) and it works perfectly by only scrolling the bottom window

Basically, my bottom window is always scrolling in split view.


Anyway know how to fix this?

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@Dubbs210 , I'm having exactly the same issue, and it seems to occur when the selected cell scrolls out of the view of the split window.  Otherwise, scrolling behaves normally for me.


I would also add the following (seemingly related) bugs to the list:

  • The GUI behave unpredictably when I'm trying to construct formulas that reference cells across the different split windows.  GUI seems to misread mouse input as indicating a range. 
  • Also, I'm noticing that, at times, the GUI misinterprets the cell I'm pointing to ... I have to point the cell a row below to get the GUI to select the cell in the row I want.  This last problem seems to clear up when I close out of everything/restart Excel/reboot.

It's my impression these bugs popped-up in the wake of an upgrade.  My hunch is that the problem may be more OS-driven than Excel-driven, but I could be wrong.


Someone from MS needs to get right on this.  How many frustrated Excel users are there out there right now seething with frustration?


I am having both of your issues you added to this list! In fact, that's why I logged back into this community so I can post. It is driving me crazy when typing a formula and it selects like 20 rows.

Let me add to this chain, to try and get some attention. I have been having the same problem, it's NEW, hasn't ever happened before and is VERY FRUSTRATING. PLEASE FIX.

@GregGT Adding myself to the chain.  Exact same problem.

Decades with Excel - this scrolling anomaly cuts into my time so much I may need to hold my nose and transfer this one worksheet to Google sheets. It's a most serious issue. (Related to Windows 11 upgrade?)

Just copy saved and now use my worksheet as Excel 97-2003. The scrolling issue appears to have gone. Luckily I haven't lost functionality with this particular worksheet. So for the time being I'm OK, but......................... Good luck Microsoft!
Returned to Windows 10. I was within the 10 day adoption window. Excel is back to normal. BUT one surprise - excel files I had saved on onedrive while on Windows 11 could not be opened. I managed to retrieve some of the data when I discovered the Windows 11 excel files could be opened in Google Sheets - slow, and a limit of some 5000 rows. Disconcerting.
I did the SaveAs to get to the Excel 97-2003 format. I got lots of warning about functions "I used" that might work differently. Doesn't look like it did. And I still have the scrolling issue. Doesn't matter which half has the cell that rolls off the screen. This is bad.