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I have a spreadsheet with 26,000 rows.

When there are multiple codes in the code column I would like to create a new row and split the spend amounts evenly between each code in the column.

For example, case # 6 has 3 codes. I would like to create a new row for each code and split the dollar amount evenly across all the 3 codes. Thanks in advance for your help


Case  #SpendCodeMaster Project(s)Date
6$900SB25, RT3SD, JI890F1/6/2020


After Splitting Codes

Case  #SpendCodeMaster Project(s)Date



Data Set

Case  #SpendCodeMaster Project(s)Date
3$26,185AK30, A484C1/3/2020
4$184,383TBLP, UH07D1/4/2020
5$2,192AK045, D24GE1/5/2020
6$900SB25, RT3SD, JI890F1/6/2020
20$546M643, SS00T1/20/2020
26$114,432UI7, UFR, UE95, UE52Z1/26/2020
27$20,962UG34, UGFRAA1/27/2020
29$229,271TBLP, U80, U76AC1/29/2020
32$125,366TLP, UG1, 0FR, U76AF2/1/2020
47$13,538AK36, AK04AU2/16/2020
48$3,279XP17, XR14AV2/17/2020



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Run the following macro:

Sub SplitData()
    Dim r As Long
    Dim m As Long
    Dim a() As String
    Dim i As Long
    Dim n As Long
    Dim d As Double
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    m = Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
    For r = m To 3 Step -1
        a = Split(Range("C" & r).Value, ", ")
        n = UBound(a)
        If n > 0 Then
            d = Range("B" & r).Value / (n + 1)
            For i = n To 1 Step -1
                Range("A" & r).EntireRow.Copy
                Range("A" & r + 1).EntireRow.Insert
                Range("B" & r + 1).Value = d
                Range("C" & r + 1).Value = a(i)
            Next i
            Range("B" & r).Value = d
            Range("C" & r).Value = a(0)
        End If
    Next r
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

@Hans Vogelaar 


Thank you for your help that worked perfectly. I have never used a macro before and so i am a complete novice.

I have 19 other columns that are included in the spreadsheet. How do I include the other columns? similar to what you have done for column A,D & E


The macro that I posted copies and pastes entire rows, i.e. all columns.