Spell-check in Excel 365 isn't working

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Hi Everyone! :)


I'm trying to spell-check an Excel document but every time I click on the icon to do the spell-check it tells me that all is good. I purposely misspelled a word to see if it would catch it but it's not catching it. It thinks everything is spelled correctly.


I tried it with only one cell highlighted, then with the entire sheet highlighted, then with just the text in the formula bar highlighted. It won't recognize dirctions as being misspelled.


The help in Excel says it doesn't always work and to come here for help.


Any ideas?


Thank you so much!!


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Excel spells down from the row with active cell and ignore texts in upper rows, perhaps that's the reason.

Thank you, @Sergei! I tried highlighting just the first column to catch every row but still no good. I managed to turn on "text to speech" and by highlighting the first column it'll read every row for me which helps me to find errors but I wish I could figure out the spell check issue.

Thank you again!!