Specific type of row on one worksheet to automatically appear on another worksheet

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Hi everyone,


Hope you're all well. I've created a workbook that is synced with a sharepoint list (via the 'Get Data' option on the ribbon). The first worksheet is brought over from the sharepoint list and contains a big list of savings or costs for each business line for each quarter for 2022 as well as the year totals for 2022, 23 and 24 etc.


Alongside this, I'm planning for each business line to have its own worksheet (essentially each business line will have its own designated worksheet), where the rows for a business line, from the original worksheet, are brought over to that business line's designated worksheet, but this time there is an annual business line budget at the top of the table for each of these worksheets and a cumulative frequency column that adjusts the budget after each row of savings/costs is added.

Now, I want to know, after a new row for a business line is added to the first worksheet, is there a way for it to automatically appear in that business line's designated worksheet?


Thanks in advance for any help offered

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