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Using Excel and suddenly the Speak Cells function (which I didn't know existed) started functioning. I got the "Stop Speak Cells" icon added to my Quick Access toolbar but clicking it has no effect. Any help appreciated.



    Jim Soholt

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Does it speak when you input something in a cell and hit Enter?

If that's the case, go to Customize Quick Access Toolbar --> Choose All Commands from the Choose commands from dropdown --> scroll down to find Speak Cells on Enter, select it and click on Add, click OK to finish.

Now on the QAT, you will find it activated, click on it again to stop it.


Once it is stopped, you can right click on it and choose Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! The Speak Cell function suddenly started working on my laptop .. scared me half to death! Could not figure out how to STOP IT .. God bless you, kind sir!
If you are using the "Speak Cells on Enter" command, it's like a toggle button, you click it again and it will stop speaking.

And if you are using the "Speak Cells" command, you will need to insert a command called "Speak Cells = Stop Speaking Cells" on Quick Access Toolbar, which you may click to stop the Speaking Cells.
I have both "Speak Cells" and "stop speaking spells" on my quick access toolbar. clicking speak cells worked, but now it won't turn off when I click stop-speaking. As you suggested above, i tried using speak like a toggle, but that won't turn it off either. There is no "speak cells= Stop Speaking Cells" in "All Commands" (sure I could turn down the sound using the toolbar speaker volume mixer, but that is very inconvenient ). I'm using Excel 2021 on a Windows 10 PC) . Thanks in advance



Please refer to the screenshot below. You will find them under All Commands. Try to remove them from the QAT first and add them again to see if they work as desired.

Speak Cells.jpg


I removed both , exited excel, re-opened,  added speak & Stop speaking.  Tried again.  No luck. It's still talking to me.

I am having exactly the same problem. I have added and removed both speak cells and stop speaking cells on various occasions and still no joy! Is this a recent bug I wonder?
What used to be called "Speak on Enter" is now "on Enter-(speak cells on Enter". It's up higher in alphabetical order!