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I have multiple files linked to one file in excel. I am facing a challenge that after a few days the files gives the error that some links are not updated because source file can not be recalculated. I have tried linking the files again and checked the properties and each file is set at the auto calculation. But this is coming again and again.


Can you please help me how to solve this?


Thanks in Advance.

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Perhaps someone opens one of the source files with calc set to manual and then saves? Excel sets calculation mode based on the first file it opens. All subsequently opened files inherit the calc settings of the first one and that gets saved with those files too (!). So if a co-worker has a file he frequently uses which has calc turned off, he risks setting other files to manual calc too.

Hi Jan,


Thanks for your reply. All colleagues open the online version of excel and enter the data there. Can it still impact? How do i avoid the same?

I would not expect it to impact it, but using linked files which are edited on-line might cause problems, I don't really know. How many source files are involved and what is the workbook which pulls from those files doing with the information?

@Harish_Kumar830- Hello,


I am having the same issues, did you manage to get this answered at all, or find a way to prevent this from happening? I have googled furiously for an answer to no avail.


All help and support on the matter is greatly appreciated.



@LFLyons Hi, No I could not find any answer or solution to the problem. Unfortunately I had to skip that and shifted to a website based data entry portal.