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I have a long excel worksheet with several columns. One of the columns lists different titles of employees at the upper levels found in a public university with a corresponding code. For example,

column c has the word Chancellor (3), Vice President (9), president (1), enrollment V.P. (46), etc.

My supervisor wants me to sort column C showing the codes in an ending orders with their corresponding title. So the first code is President (1), Chancellor (3), etc.


how would I do this?


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Typo-supervisor wants column C to show the numbers and matching data in ascending order



With Office 365 or Excel for the web you can try this formula.







9 so it's for numbers <= 9 999 999

replace 9 by 99 for more



Another option might be to create a custom list and then sort by the custom list.


Thank you for your formula which works perfectly however i don't understand why the *-1 works.


Another alternative which works in my sheet is this formula.




For my Excel (5) is negative


"(5)" * 1 = -5


So all the value of the MID are converted  to negative with *1 so i use *-1 to reverse the inversion.