I am trying to sort samples containing a letter followed by a number from 1-10. When they're sorted, they're sorted alphabetically but the numbers sort as 1, 10, 2, 3 etc. Does anyone know how to sort so that the 10 comes after 9?



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Just an untested
German Formular Exampel =WENN(UND(LINKS(A2;1)>="A";LINKS(A2;1)<="Z");"A";"Z")
English formula tranlation from german: =IF(AND(LEFT(A2,1)>="A",LEFT(A2,1)<="Z"),"A","Z")

Sort in pivot by number with letter
English formula tranlation from german: {=TEXT(LEFT(B2,COUNT(LEFT(B2,COLUMN(1:1))*1)),"000")&RIGHT(B2,LEN(B2)-COUNT(LEFT(B2, COLUMN(1:1))*1)) }
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@Carol_Caesar This could be easily achieved by "Get&Transform Date" a.k.a. PowerQuery.


1. Convert your list of sample codes to a structured table

2. Query it

3. Split the code (by non-digit to digit).

4. Change the type of the number column to "123" (=whole number)

5. Sort first by letter then by number

6. Merge the two columns and load the end result back to Excel.


The attached workbook contains a working example.