Sorting with formulas

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I am not able to sort data which are results from formulas. Can someone tell me why is it not working to do a simple sorting?

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Could you please to give bit more details, desirably with sample? As variant you try to sort numbers, but actual data is texts which only looks like numbers. Whatever.



Thank you for answering. 

The third column has formulas that is giving those results. But when I am using the sort function, it does nothing. Every number is format as numbers, not text. I want to sort from the smallest to the highest number.

Are you working in a PivotTable?



Yes, I am working with pivot tables. I thought it was that, so I have used formulas getting the values from the pivot table, sort function did not work. So I have tried with a simple formulas like this one, not coming for the pivot table



As you can see, 60 is a formula. a are values and b are the results of 60 + each line of a. The sort function still did not work. I do the same in another sheet of the pivot table, then the sort is working. Why?







Perhaps you may share sample file?