Sorting 'Row Labels' by month

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Dear Experts,


I am using Excel for Mac. In attached chart, you can see months are not in order. If I have this chart in Windows OS, I can simply right-click a bar and move to end. But in Excel for Mac, I don't have this option. Kindly help with inputs.







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@Sharath79 You haven't attached the chart, just a picture of it. Axis labels are presented in the same order as in the underlying data table. If you make sure that the months' labels are based on real dates (custom formatted as mmm'yy) you can sort the table and the chart will follow. Example attached.

Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 11.52.26.png

(Created on a Mac)

@Riny_van_Eekelen - Thanks a lot for your response.

My chart is as below:



How do I sort the months under 'Row Labels?




@Sharath79 So you have a pivot chart. Given the fact that the pivot table did not sort the "months" correctly, tells me that these are texts and Excel sorted them alphabetically. If you want the pivot table to sort months correctly, you need to make sure that the underlying data (the source data) contains real dates.

Dates in Excel are, in fact, sequential numbers and you can format them in many ways to make them look like dates like dates we all recognise like  "January 15, 2021", 15 jan 21", "2021/01/15" or "Jan'21", just to give a few examples.


Thanks so much @Riny_van_Eekelen .

The source code had dates correctly organised as you suggested. But still I had this issue. I found a workaround to fix this. Please see screenshot below. I had to move these months manually and then chart reflected as I wanted. Thanks again for your inputs regarding this issue.