Sorting one table will sort another table

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name1sur1 name11


sur2 name22
name3sur3 name33


NAME + SURNAME = Tabel 1
NAME + HOURS = Table 2

Is it possible to connect Table 2's NAME column to Table 1's NAME column, so that if I sort Table 1 NAMES, Table 2 will also get sorted?

I can connect the NAMES but when I sort Table 1, the HOURS of Table 2 does not sort with it.

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It doesn't sort the second table because you have a blank column in between the tables. To achieve this, insert some dummy text in C1 say "Dummy Column" then select C1 and press Ctrl+1 to open the Format Cells window, then under Number Tab go to Custom and in the textbox under the Type, type ;;; (three semicolons) so that the dummy text in C1 will be displayed. And now the second table will also get sorted along with the first table.

The two tables have to be separate. I should be able to put table 1 on a sheet, and table 2 on different sheet. Then when I sort the NAMES in table 1, table 2 on a different sheet will also sort.