Sorting Numbers Withing a Text String

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Usually I can think of at least a thought process of where to go, but stumped on this one...

I have a text field with a six digit text string, as an example '201210', i would like to sort those six digits into a new text string, so in the example above i would end up with a new text string '221100'.


Anyone have an idea where to start with th

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@DarrylJP Below formula may help-





If you have the input text in A1, then:


=LET(x, SUBSTITUTE(A1,"'",""), 
 "'"&TEXTJOIN("",,SORT(MID(x, SEQUENCE(LEN(x)),1),,-1))&"'")


it returns: '221100'


Thanks Harun24HR! My brain would have never gone there, greatly appreciated!