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I play social darts and manage a spreadsheet to record members achievements each week, the wookbook contains a summary sheet and 48 weekly sheets. Each sheet contains members first and last names stored alphabetically and is split into female and male players plus the weekly information, my problem occurs when we have a new member and I have to add their details to all 49 sheets. 

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There are different ways to achieve it.
Let's say in each sheet the first Column (A) contains the members name.
01- Presuming the same quantity of members on each sheet.
Select all the 49 sheets and then type the information in the last cell available.
Doing it you will populate the same value for all the 49 sheets (Remember if your select cell is A10, all 49 sheets on A10 will have the same value.

02- The other way is by VBA, but in this case would be good some sample file so we can understand the workbook structure.

03- Develop the file as a database using Tables to store the main data of the members. So when you need some information from them, you can use some formula to retrieve it.



Thankyou for the information, I understand the method for populating all the sheets and have successfully done that in the past, but then I can not sort all the sheets into alpha order. I am happy to provide an example but do not know how to add it to this reply.


Click on "Open full text editor " then underneath you can drag or browse files.





The file type (.xls) is not supported.

The file type (.xlsx) is not supported.

The file type (.xlsm) is not supported.



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If you make a little bit of changes, it might help. At first it will be tiring but going forward will be a huge time-cut.
I would suggest you place all the tables in 1 sheet and join them in to one formatted table. Probably males in one sheet and females in second sheet. You could place an empty column to separate each week. This would solve the 48 times you have re-enter their names and information. Sorting becomes easier since it is in-built in the formatted table. You could use a home sheet where you could put links to each week in the table for males and females. This will help get to the 48th week easily without having to scroll
Thankyou I will give that a try
Thanks whilst this has been a lot of work to set up the addition of new pers and sorting will be very easy, thanks for your help