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I have a sheet of tennis information with names records, scores, ranks, dates, etc.

I set up a sort that apparently works for everything except one group of information.

It is working for the men's team

However, one match of the ladies scores will not sort properly. 

I have checked and rechecked everything that I can think of.

The men's match vs the same team sorts properly, but for some reason, not so with the ladies' team's information.


The sheet is the Alpha (all) sheet.

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@Coach_R My goodness! What are we looking at? Perhaps you can identify what exactly you are trying to sort on and where exactly (which cells) it goes wrong and why. What do you expect to see?

Your data has no HEADERs so it's quit confusing for me and possibly for other readers too,,, and if I'm not wrong Male & Female are M & L ,, plzz specify on which column you wanna to SORT record !!
This is a record of a tennis team's results throughout the year
Column A is M (men) or L (ladies)
Column B is rank 1-5
Column C is type of match S (singles) or D (doubles)
Column D is the name or Names of the individual player or the last names of the doubles team
Columns E through P are not involved in the sort
Column Q is the date of the match

Only lines 100-106 are not working correctly.

I am attempting to see all of the Men's (Column A) matches first - organized in the following priority:
Column D - names alphabetically (apostrophes do not cause an issue BTW ... I have seen in other rows that some names start with apostrophes and some don't ... but they do not affect those)
Column Q - dates of matches played from oldest to most recent
Column C - removed from the original sort
Column B - removed from the original sort
It appears to be glitching in the name sort for these lines

@Coach_R The first few ladies matches are labeled "L ", thus, capital L with a space. remove the space and resort. Then it should work.

Thank you VERY much!

It seems to always be in those tiny details.

It works beautifully now!